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A & First Acupuncture and Massage is Sunnyvale’s premiere provider of massage and acupuncture services. Whether you suffer from a back strain or simply need to treat yourself to a relaxing massage, we’re here to pamper you. All our therapists are fully licensed, vaccinated, and have years of experience in their respective fields.



Acupuncture Pricing & Details

Acupuncture improves your body’s natural functions and promotes the healing process from within. When your Acupuncturist inserts tiny needles into points along 14 energy pathways on your body, it releases endorphins — your body’s natural painkillers. This technique also helps to boost blood flow and to release the flow of your body’s qi.

$100 Per Session

Signature Massage

Massage Pricing & Details

Our signature massage helps relieve stress and tension. Try our deep tissue massage for muscle pain management.

Signature Massage
30 Min ($60)
60 Min ($90)
90 Min ($140)

Deep Tissue Massage
30 Min ($60)
60 Min ($100)
90 Min ($160)

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Pricing & Details

Cupping is a form of massage therapy which decompresses soft tissues using vacuum suction. It is used to treat lack of mobility, tight muscles, scars and many diagnoses like headaches, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and release of trigger points.

$60 Per 30 Min Session

Couples Massage (两人按摩)

Details & Pricing

Treat both yourself and your partner to our Signature Massage. Please note our couples massages are done in separate private rooms.

$180 (1-hour)

Neck & Shoulder (颈部和肩部)

Details & Pricing

Stress of daily life giving you a headache? Book a 30-minute head massage to relax and rejuvenate!

$60 (30-minutes)
$100 (1-hour)

Lower Back/Legs (腰部按摩)

Details & Pricing

Office work or sports causing lower back or leg pain?

$60 (30-minutes)
$100 (1-hour)


Details & Pricing

Stress of daily life giving you a headache? Book a 30-minute head massage to relax and rejuvenate!

$60 (30-minutes)
$100 (1-hour)

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Our Facility

Located in the heart of downtown Sunnyvale (adjacent to Murphy Ave), A & First offers a clean and intimate environment for you to relax and rejuvenate. Safety and cleanliness are our top priority: All staff members are fully vaccinated and masked. All linens and towels are replaced after each session. All surface areas are wiped with sanitizer as well.


Yoshiko K.

“…Julie is just an amazing therapist! I frequent this place once a week for several months now, and I cannot think of going to any other place for my neck/back/jaw issues. She knows exactly how to treat the problem I have on each visit! “

James L.

“… Coming here was the best decision ever. It is the best experience I’ve ever had with acupuncture and massage therapy. I’ve been living with chronic pains for over 15 years, They are helping me with most of my discomfort in ways that I could not find before…”

Nathan M.

“…My friend suggested A & First acupuncture one day and I really thank her for that. Yesterday I got my neck hurt real bad and went to this place. Julie is really kind and I highly recommend her. She helped me to reduce my pain a lot and my lower back was also feeling really well…”

Jas Q.

“…A friend recommended this place so I came in for chronic lower back pain, hip pain for many years and upper back tension. The first session was great. After the 2nd session, I was able to squat down without pain and difficulty. The struggle to get up after sitting down has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this establishment. I’v worked with physical therapist but this is the first time in a long time that my pain is relieved, from rate of 9 to 1…”

Vincent Z.

“… Absolutely love this place. Such great massage therapists. Ask for Julie. She’s amazing. I’ve had upper back pain for several months now, but yesterday it was getting worse, I desperately searched for a massage place and I came cross Julie’s A & First Acupuncture. It was good decision. In the session, she applied the perfect pressure and really made me relaxed. Most of the pain was gone after this first session. So if I need massage service in the future, I will definitely come back….”

Manabu G.

“…I did not believe acupuncture before but I reached to the point that I was so desperate that I would try anything to fix my shoulder.  I could not move my shoulder and wrong slight move could cause a lot of pain.. Went to see several dr, physical therapist.. some dr Mentioned about possible surgery and physical therapy.
I was curious and skeptical about acupuncture but that changed in the first visit.  After several visits I could increase my range of motion….”